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Got something to hide? Don't want Congress or pesky taxpayers to find out how you spend your time? Then take a page from outgoing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's playbook and just make up a new identity. Get creative with it, don't let traditional limitations like "gender" hold you back – Ms. Jackson went by Richard Windsor.

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New Name: Richard Windsor
New Email Address: richard.windsor@epa.gov

The Story So Far...

In early 2012, an EPA whistleblower told the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) that Administrator Jackson was using the name alias Richard Windsor to hide communications she did not want to come to light.

It is not unheard of for government officials to have a secondary email account so they do not drown in unnecessary email. But Richard Windsor is not that. It is likely that Administrator Jackson had two "secondary accounts," one which showed her name in the sent to/from box, and one that uses the false identity Richard Windsor.

After learning about the fake alias, CEI's Chris Horner filed suit with the EPA to access Jackson's Richard Windsor emails. The Department of Justice reluctantly agreed to produce 12,000 Richard Windsor emails in four 3,000 email traunches, the first of which was delivered on Monday, January 14. Although the EPA was ordered to deliver 3,000 emails, they only delivered 2,100. Clearly trying to hide something, nearly all the 2,100 emails delivered are news clippings and Google alerts.

Given the EPA's reticence, it will likely require more lawsuits before Americans find out who Richard Windsor was communicating with, and why such secrecy was necessary. And all of this from the self-proclaimed "most transparent Administration in history".

Send a letter to your Senators and Congressmen asking them to insist on greater transparency from the EPA and to demand the release of the missing emails.

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